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Chetumal Town Map
Map from Tourist Services

Tulum, Q. Roo Area Map
Map from Tulum Travel Guide Activities pg.12

Town of Tulum, Q. Roo
Map used by permission from TodoTulum

NOTE: I will be adding some more detailed maps as soon as they are completed. They will have main roads and points of interest to tourists and gringos clearly marked. The new maps will have a download availabe in sections so that they can be eaisly read and so that they may be printed out on 81/2¨x11¨ printer paper in black print for quick reference while visiting the areas of the appropriate maps. The maps are being created with roads referenced from the 2004 Economic Census Information and points of interest added from my personal experience. I look forward to these new maps with anticipation and hope that they will help tourists, gringos living in and around the areas of the maps and gringos who may be passing through or visiting from Belize. They will include the Spanish names of the streets and points of interest will be in both Spanish and English as room permits. Please be patient and fell free to use the maps above for reference for the time being.

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