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Looking for a hotel, hostel, campground or room for rent?

Casa Del Sol Hostel in Tulum, QR, Mexico

Looking for a place to stay in Tulum, Mexico. 3 Blocks from ADO Bus Station. Casa Del Sol No. 815 Polar Pte. Entre Saturno & Luna nte. Follow the signs from the ADO Bus Terminal down Ave. Tulum. Go right out of the bus terminal and follow the signs 2 blocks down, Turn right after the speed bump in the road go one more block and turn left. It is the 2nd Structure on the Left side of the road. Ring the bell if door is closed. We will come and answer it, if it is late give us time. We have everything from Private Rooms to Cabins, Dorms. We will even let you hang a hammock or pitch a tent if you want to. Spanish and English spoken. This is a great looking place and it was just recently completed.


Virgin Beach in Mauhual/ElOvero, QR, Mexico

The owner is also building another near Mauhual, about 35 KM north of the Pemex Gas Station on a Virgin Beach in El Uvero. I have personally camped there and the property is absolutely Gorgeous, and the building looks very nice though it is not complete. Hurricane Dean played havoc with the trees there but it is being replanted by the owner and is in the process of being cleaned up too. Give him 6 months to a year and you should see a sign near the gas station going into Mauhual and signs leading to it.


Maya Hostel in Chetumal´s Calderitas, QR, Mexico

Maya Hostel offers a rustic Maya style Enclosed Thatched Palapa, with basic essentials for uncomplicated student travel.  Only $10USD per person per night! We have a Mayan hammock, 2 beds and tent camping (we do have a limited number of tents available for your use with air mats or cushioned mats).  Tent Campers Welcome-Best price! Only $9USD per person per night if you bring your own tent and sleeping bag or mat! The bathroom is a similar style as the palapa and we have a beautiful garden. Front security gate with camera and a friendly G.S. guard dog.   Free, Brewed Coffee or Tea in the morning with a simple breakfast of Cereal and Fruit. A large Shower with hot water. Laundry Service (for a small fee). The local combis  goes down our street and the large white & blue  air-conditioned bus goes down the next street over, the fee is 3 pesos per person (ages 5 up) to anywhere on the route (goes to downtown Chetumal). Taxis from Terminal to Hostel is $30 pesos. We are located in Calderitas, outside the city limits of Chetumal in an old Mayan village on the Chetumal Bay located in N.E. Chetumal the capital of Quintana Roo, close to the Belize Border (25 minutes away by bus, 15 minutes by car) we are 8/10 tenths of a km from the beautiful Chetumal Bay Beach. There is a large selection of restaurants. English spoken here. Please see our full page for more info. and pics!

GPS Coordinates: 18°N 33.4¨ and 88° W 15´.49¨´(Lat.18.551N, Long.88.264W)



Looking for a place to stay in Corozal, Belize? A few blocks from Bus Station. Oasis (formerly TJ's) on 2nd Street North. Located just off the Northern Highway in North Corozal Town. Fenced Secured Structure. You will see the sign in front of Kentex on the Northern Highway. Go right out of the bus terminal and straight down the Northern Highway headed North, turn right on the road just before Kentex. It is the 2nd Structure on the Left side of the road. From the Mexican border turn left at the Stop Sign (after a speed bump) and you will see Kentex on your left, turn on the road to your left. It is the 2nd Structure on the left side of the road behind Kentex. Ring the bell at the front walk-in gate (has Oasis sign over gate) or you may enter the restaurant gate at the end if it isn't closed. We will come and answer the bell, if it is after 10pm give us time to get to gate. We have Private Rooms.  English spoken here. We have free WiFi and there is a internet cafe 2 blocks away with computers. Rooms with private baths with hot water start at $25USD/$50BZD up per night (A/C, microwave and mini fridge is extra). This is a great place with tropical garden, pool,  and jacuzzi.
GPS Coordinates: 18° 22' 52.87" N and 88°23' 29.72" W

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An Ad for a for a hotel, hostel, campground or room for $5.00 US per month. (If you have me build your website an add here is included for 6 months free of charge.)


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