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I got places to go and things to see!

Mayan Ruins, Reefs, Beaches,...!

Places to go:

Lagoons -

Honey Camp Lagoon

4 Mile Lagoon

New River Lagoon

Progresso Lagoon

Ranchito Lagoon

Reserves & Parks -

Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area of the Orange Walk District, Belize.

Bacalar Chico Terrestrial and Marine Reserve.

Shipstern Wildlife Reserve of the Corozal District, Belize.

Towns & Villages -

Orange Walk Town


Copper Bank

Blue Creek


Mayan Sites -


La Milpa

Santa Rita


Chan Chich


Other Places -

Albion Island - Meteorites, old churches and mayan Villages.

La Barra Cedar Beach - Small park on a peninsula near Lowry Bight.

Bird Islands - Nesting and roosting sites.

Things to Do:





Horseback Riding

Mexico - Chetumal, Bacalar and Calderitas in Mexico.






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