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Mixed Dorm in a Mayan Palapa and Tent Camping


Mayan Palapa Dorm and common room

Palapa Dorm and Front Common Area

Maya Hostel offers a rustic Maya style Enclosed Thatched Palapa, with basic essentials for uncomplicated student travel.  We have a Mayan hammock, various beds and tent camping (we do have a limited number of tents available for your use with air mats or cushioned mats).  The bathroom is a similar style as the palapa and we have a beautiful garden. Front security gate with camera and a friendly G.S. guard dog.   Free, Brewed Coffee or Tea in the morning. A large Shower with hot water. Laundry Service. The local combis  goes down our street and the large white & blue  air-conditioned bus goes down the next street over, the fee is 3 pesos per person (ages 5 up) to anywhere on the route (goes to downtown Chetumal). Taxis from Terminal to Hostel is $30 pesos.


Front Gate at Calle Durango 108 

Front Gate


Property from across the street

Front of property from across the street


We are located in Calderitas, outside the city limits of Chetumal, GPS: 18°N 33.4¨ 88° W 15´.49¨´(Lat.18.551N, Long.88.264W), an old Mayan village on the Chetumal Bay located in N.E. Chetumal the capital of Quintana Roo, close to the Belize Border (25 minutes away by bus, 15 minutes by car) we are 8/10 tenths of a km from the beautiful Chetumal Bay Beach. There is a large selection of restaurants.  You can tour the Oxtankah ruins a few km north.  This Mayan archaeological site dates back to the Classic period and consists of two groups of low plat-formed buildings with the ruins of a colonial era church.  There is also a famous large Mayan Museum in downtown Chetumal.   On a boat trip through Chetumal Bay you can visit Isla Tamalcab (3 day advance reservation required to hire a boat).  It is a jungle covered protected island lined with white beaches where the clear offshore waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.


Oxtankah Ruins are nearby


Common Area 1 in front

Common area


Things to do at Maya Hostel:

  Games (card, small board, poker, dice...)

  Books (over 100 paperbacks in English)

  (I also have some DVDs and 600 ebooks (Classics))

  Bike Riding (Bike Rentals Available)


New Market on Veracruz and it is also the Belize Bus Station on the right side



 Common Area 3 with umbrella table and next to Palapa

Common Area


Included in Price:

  Coffee or Tea in the morning



e-mail checking on our computer

  Car and Motorcycle Parking

 (We do have a small safe space available in front

to park a truck camper, small RV or a small Travel Trailer for short term

if you are travelling in this fashion and find the RV park too loud, we can work out a fee for this).


Mayan Shower house

Mayan Shower, bath and laundry



How to get here: 

From the Main (ADO) Bus Terminal (Which is one block from Av. Insurgentes on Calle Salvador Novo, near the Police Station), you can take a taxi that would cost $30.00 pesos ($3.00 USD) to Calderitas.  Or you can go out the bus station and walk up  to the main road (Av. Insurgentes),  turn left and walk a very short distance pass Av. Belice, the police station and the Superior Beer Warehouse, cross the street  (Av. Centenario) by the round about and catch the blue and white air-conditioned bus to Calderitas for 5 pesos each.  It goes down Av. Centenario and off into 2 different neighbourhoods and back each time to Av. Centenario. The road name then changes to Av. Calderitas at the roundabout The bus turns right into Calderitas´ Colonial 16 de September, makes a left turn on Calle Coahuila after a few blocks, goes a few more blocks and then crosses Av. Calderitas (it's the divided road) staying on Calle Coahuila into Calderitas´ Colonial Veracruz. After a few blocks you get off at the corner of the school before the cemetery on Calle Coahuila at the speed bump under the big tree.  Walk west (left if you are facing the same way as the bus before crossing Calle 24 de Febero) on Calle 24 de Febero to the next street (1 block) and turn left again on Durango  Go to the 4th house on the right (it's white). You will see the address on signs out front  Calle Durango 108 and usually an old big brown car and a yellow and black scooter. It has a white cement and black wrought iron fence. 

  If you come from Belize on the Belize Bus you will get off when it parks at the new market.  Go west (facing market, right) on Antonio Cortia, to Av. Heroes which is a one way street north (on the right corner next to the flower and OJ vender) and flag down the white and blue Calderitas bus for 5 pesos each.  As above you get off at the corner of the school and cemetery on Calle Coahuila.  Walk west (left) on Calle 24 De Febero to the next street and turn left again on Calle Durango  Go to the 4th house on the right. You will see the address on signs out front: Calle Durango 108.


Mayan Twin Day Bed in Dorm

Mayan single bed


Garden Area

Garden Area behind palapa


Property Conditions:

This Hostel is a Mayan Palapa (enclosed) Dorm among a garden with camping in the back.

We have a Mayan bathhouse with a hot water shower.

We have sheltered and unsheltered Common Areas (3). Our property is rustic and basic. You can observe how the Mexican Neighbours live and how diverse they can be as they adapt to a modernizing society. (The rich live among the poor in this area). This is a great place to really experience Mexico as it is day to day. We have lived among Belizeans and Mexicans for years now and plan on continuing and sharing our experiences. We live on this property in our small 2 bedroom Mexican home, ride the buses and taxis or run around on our 125cc scooter, we find it a peaceful, relaxed and stress free experience.


 Tent for 1 person

Single Tent


Tent Pitching Area

Tent pitching area at the back of the property


Located Near:

Oxtankah Ruins in Calderitas, Chetumal Bay Beach in Calderitas, Protected Tamalcab Island. Chetumal´s Mayan Museum, Chetumal night life, Bus Service to and from Belize (former British Honduras), Shopping in 2 large Mexican Markets in Chetumal as well as a modern Mall, Sam's and Wal-Mart, great restaurants and active night life. Great Bayside night life on the weekends in this safe town and our Mayan village. 

Bike Rentals

We have 1 or 2 Bikes for Rent


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Per person per night charge, pay total bill or pay for reservation only with balance due at arrival (cash or Paypal). Please email before payment to confirm reservation(s). You will receive confirmation after payment is received. $10.00USD


palapa from the front

Palapa from the front


e-mail: hummingbirdhideway@yahoo.com


Side entrance of Palapa Dorm

Palapa from the side, dorm entrance


Hostel World Affiliate

Hostel World Affiliate


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