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We Convert, Publish and Sell eBooks!


When we publish an e-book it will be available in 3 different formats in order to support PC´s, Smart phones using: Palm OS 4.0up, Pocket OS 2000up, Blackberry,... Tablets and Readers like the lliad by iRex, The Kindle,  Cybook Gen3 by Bookeen, Sony and Adobe Reader (Digital Editions) for PCs and Macs...Here is where to get the Free Readers for PC´s, there are also versions available for Smart Phones, Pocket, Palms,...on some of these sites:

Now the links and a review of each of these reader programs (other readers are out there but these seem to be the best of the best):

1. The MS Reader   MS Reader Logo

This was my first Reader in 2002, although it has changed little and is a Microsoft product, I really like it. After downloading it make sure you activate it while online. This also has the option of reading to you, you can change the speed of the read and the reading type size, it also searches for all your .lit and .ebo books on your computer. This is great if you have trouble with your eyesight, are just to tired to see straight or want a child to hear the story. If you know how to change voices for Microsoft Sam you can play around with that option and even find more voices to download on the internet: Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package 1.0 (English) - 5.877 MB Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package 1.0 (French) - 5.517 MB Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package 1.0 (German) - 5.733 MB. The books can be displayed by Author, Title, Last Read, Size and Date Acquired. Bookmarks, Pause, Volume,... are included as well as links to ebook stores. Their store:

2. Mobipocket Reader  Mobi Reader Logo

This one is available in English, German, French and Spanish and will read all those Amazon/Kindle ebooks. This one was a good second choice because not all books are available in .lit or .ebo formats. The .prc and .mobi formats are found by this reader and added, you can of course transfer them to a portable compatible device for travel too. will also store all your purchases from them for download to you at anytime. They have all compatible devices listed at the top of their page and the appropriate program for each device, so choose your PC, your device, your ebooks and your language on this site. Free ebooks (mostly classics) are on this site in many languages as well as some very reasonably priced ebooks.

3. Adobe Digital Editions  Adobe Digital Editions Logo

This is my newest ebook reader. Of course everyone has those .pdf´s on their computer, they are all over the internet. Well here is the solution to organize them. Do you like magazines? Well this is how to read them and file all those instruction manuals,... reads .pdf, .epub and .xhtml and is now available in many languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional. This is the newest with Support for the new Sony® Reader. Check out the Adobe Digital Editions Library, where you can browse and download free eBooks and digital magazines, including full-length novels and works of non-fiction. This program also has to be activated while you are online. A few free books and previews are included here:

4. CDisplayEX  Source Forge Open Source Software Logo

This is for all those comic book fans out there. This will display the comic book 1 page at a time full screen if desired. I do not know if it is the best program out there, but I have 4 issues of a Dark Horse series and it was what I found for free. A quote from developer to explain: ¨CDisplayEx is a Comic reader based on CDisplay. It use the popular 7-zip plug-ins to read many archives types like .cbr, .cbz, .cbt, .rar, .zip, .tar, .7z, .lzh, .arj, .cab, .tar, .gz, .tar and .bz2. It supports .jpeg, .png, .gif and .bmp images.¨

Free Ebook Download Sites (the first 3 have hundreds of books) and there are many more, plus some of these have ebooks for sale and some books are in other languages too:

1.  University Of Virginia Library

2.  MobiPocket eBooks

3.  Project Gutenberg

4.  Ibiblio

5. ePub Books

6.  Feedbooks

7.  O´Reily Bookworm

Most books we will have available will be in English, some may also be available in Spanish. If you currently have a book in English you would like to sell in Spanish, we have translators and proofreaders available. You can purchase a cd from us at our office, cost will be minimal for cd production as these are out of copyright books, mostly classics, and we are not charging for the books only the cd. We know that English books are hard to obtain in Mexico and Central America. The free eBooks are not available in all formats at this time. But can all be read on a PC and the cd will have the appropriate program on it for the eBooks it contains. These cd´s will save a lot on download time also. These include everything from Aesop-Zane Grey. I currently have over 600 books in various formats and most of them were free for download on the above sites.

eBook Stores

Visit the following eBookstores to quickly and easily find and download the title you’re looking for among the over 60,000 eBooks available.

Powell’s Books
Diesel eBooks
Alexandria Digital Literature
Penguin Group (USA)
Rosetta Books



Microsoft Reader: Download Now

Click above link to download MS Reader!

MS Commercial Publishing Rights License

This license allows me to create, publish and commercially distribute content created using the Microsoft Reader


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